Pape N'Diaye teaches a weekly beginners Sabar dance class on Saturday's from 3:30PM to 5:00PM.


The class is drop in for $20.00, and is held at The Dance Complex.


The Dance Complex is located at 536 Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge MA.


This location is at the Central Square T stop on the red line.


Sabar, the national dance of Senegal , is an energetic and beautiful traditional dance form, named after the family of drums that play its vivacious rhythms. In this class you will learn the fundamentals of Sabar dance, starting with basic movements, then progressing to a repertory of choreographed dance steps. Also accompanied by live sabar drumming, this class will help you understand how the dance and drum rhythms are closely intertwined. In addition to fine-tuning your sabar technique, you will learn the latest sabar moves and be inspired by the energy that Pape N'Diaye brings to every class!


Sabar dance class is taught bare foot.  Street shoes are not allowed in the dance studio.  Women may wear a lapa (wrap skirt), but it is not required. Men may wear loose fitting shorts or pants.

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